You’ve given your life to serving God. That’s great and all but if you didn’t get the jab the Church can’t help you.

The Church teaches that God loves everyone. But especially the vaccinated.

Catholic World Report:

The financial assistance service of the Mexican bishops’ conference stated last month that it will not cover the medical expenses of priests with COVID-19 who chose not to be vaccinated against the disease.

In an Aug. 30 statement, the service provided by the episcopal conference which assists diocesan priests warned that to help with the expenses involving COVID-19 it is required that the priest “was vaccinated” and “maintained personal protection measures.”

In addition, priests who require financial assistance from the service for their medical care must “notify their diocesan representative early” and get a medical evaluation by calling the service’s special telephone line for outpatient cases, which can direct them to the proper medical facility for an appointment on the nearest date.

OCEAS states on its website that it is an in-house service of the Mexican bishops’ conference “that participates with each bishop in his diocese to carry out the work of Priestly Social Assistance.”…

The statement, signed by Bishop Ramón Castro Castro of Cuernavaca, treasurer of the Mexican bishops’ conference and president of OCEAS, ends by stressing that “the above measures will allow us to take more care of our health and that of our community.”

“We don’t want more priests dying when it could have been avoided, their life is valuable to us and irreplaceable for the community that follows them,” he concluded.

Wow. Just wow. Their life is so valuable to you that you’re refusing to help them get better? Wow. That’s some tough love.

I guess the bishops didn’t read Job which makes it pretty clear that all suffering is not due to some sin you committed.

Rain falls on the just and unjust.

It boggles the mind to think of all the things priests have done or said in the past few decades that have been ignored or covered up. But if you dare to not be vaccinated you will pay the price. Literally.

I think this is yet another way to separate the chaff from the wheat so that they can continue re-creating the Church in their own worldly image.

Remember when the Church progressives always talked about following your own conscience, even in the face of Church teaching. But now, they don’t like it if your conscience tells you not to take a vaccination that they believe to have been the product of immoral research. They never really meant that you should follow your conscience. They just meant, stop listening to the Church and listen to them.