Studies are inconclusive about the efficacy of masks? Wear them!

The vaccine’s long term impact is questionable? Get the jab!

Whether you believe the election was fair or not, you must never say you believe there was fraud.

Gender is fluid. Men can get pregnant. Science says no but you must assent.


Because it’s not about the mask. It’s not about the vaxx or the vote. It’s not about the pronouns.

It is about your submission.

It’s your refusal to submit, your blatant non-compliance with the state approved experts that frustrates and angers the left. It is, however, exactly what they require to continue the construction of their utopia. In the end, the particulars of their requirements aren’t important. This is about your compliance. Submission is the goal.

In fact, the more absurd your statement of assent the better, because it means that you more completely submit your beliefs and actions to to their will.

And if they can’t have your submission they’ll settle for your silence. For now. They’ll circle back later.