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Month June 2022

The Most Evil Invention Ever

What sick twisted madman thought of ice cream cones? Let’s teeter the messiest food in the world on top of an edible cup but let’s have the food self destruct within three minutes so that it gets all over everything…. Continue Reading →

I Appeared on Fr. Robert McTeigue’s Radio Show to Discuss this Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World

My favorite Jesuit, Fr. Robert McTeigue solve all the world’s problems, or at least kvetch about them for a while. Take a listen. He does a great radio show called “The Catholic Current.” You should listen. Not just for my… Continue Reading →

They’re Not Just After Churches and Crisis Pregnancy Centers, They’re After You

Churches and pro-life crisis pregnancy centers have come under attack recently by pro-abortion radicals. These attacks have been met with shrugs from politicians, law enforcement, the media and to some level, the bishops themselves who’ve only issued some strongly worded… Continue Reading →

When Sotomayors Attack!!!

In what world is allowing parents to send their children to schools of their choice, establishing a state religion? In clown world only. Her take is unserious, ill-informed, and discriminatory so pretty much par for the course today. The wise… Continue Reading →

“If abortion isn’t safe, neither are you!”

Gee, this right wing violence is really getting out of hand, huh? The National Catholic Register: A pro-life pregnancy center in Michigan and a pro-life organization in Minnesota have both been vandalized within the past week. The Lennon Pregnancy Center… Continue Reading →

Masonic infiltration of the Vatican: The Evidence

Father Charles Murr, author of the book Murder in the 33rd Degree: The Gagnon Investigation into Vatican Freemasonry, lays out the compelling evidence of the Masonic infiltration in the Vatican that influenced the changes witnessed by the Church over the… Continue Reading →

Parent of Detransitioned Child Pleads To Prevent Trans Bill in CA

Children are being abused in the name of woke politics. As this mother says this is “the largest medical scandal in history.” Everyone must wake up to this.

The Highly Controversial Plan to End Climate Change is Being Rejected. Why?

Hmmm. Because it works? t’s never been about the environment. It’s about the power they can accrue in a crisis. If someone comes up with a solution to the crisis, it prevents the power grab.

Cross Remains Standing After Fire Destroys Texas Church

A fire destroyed a Texas church but amazingly the only thing remaining upright amid the rubble was a cross. The Wise County Fire Department wrote on Facebook: “A devastating loss to our community, but a sight to behold. The fire… Continue Reading →

Pro-Aborts with Pretend Blood Soaked Clothes Protest in front of ACB’s House Wielding Baby Dolls.

Wait. I get the blood soaked clothes and all. But why the baby dolls? Aren’t they supposed to be denying that it’s a baby in the womb? Seems like they hadn’t thought this one all the way through. Back to… Continue Reading →

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