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Month September 2022

84 Year old Pro-Lifer Shot Going Door to Door

Nothing to see here folks. Just some fascist pro-lifer got what was coming to her. Just a local crime story. Not national news. I repeat. Not national news. The Blaze: An 84-year-old volunteer for a pro-life group was shot following… Continue Reading →

Governor Newsom Advertises for Abortion by Quoting…Jesus?

So Governor Newsom is advertising in other states to promote abortion tourism in his own state, given that thousands upon thousands are fleeing California. CNA: When Gov. Gavin Newsom of California unveiled his plan for a billboard advertising campaign inviting… Continue Reading →

Soooo…We’re Not Celebrating the Fact that Italy Just Elected Its First Female Prime Minister?

I thought breaking the glass ceiling was a big deal. No? Seems like the media is only big on breaking the glass ceiling when it’s a socialist. Here’s how the media is celebrating this huge victory for women. CBS News:… Continue Reading →

The White House Unashamedly Doubles Down on Hate.

A teenager was run down by a radical leftist in the wake of Joe Biden’s dangerous speech. A pro-lifer’s home was swarmed by dozens of armed federal agents for a charge that had already been tossed out of a local… Continue Reading →

California to Legalize Infanticide?

They might. Up to 28 days after a baby is born, it might be legal to kill a child in California. I do wonder if it will be legal for men to kill a child after they’re born or does… Continue Reading →

I’m Starting to Wonder if Rosary Joe Takes Church Teaching Seriously At All

CNA: President Joe Biden on Thursday appeared to suggest — erroneously — that the Catholic Church makes exceptions for rape and incest in its condemnation of abortion. Biden made the remarks at a fundraising event for the Democratic National Committee… Continue Reading →

Hey, the Word “Rosary” is Trending on Twitter. See, All is Not Lost.

So I was delighted to see that “Rosary” was trending on Twitter. That’s good news. So, the fist thing I did was make sure that someone named “Rosary” wasn’t just arrested for stabbing puppies or something. But it wasn’t the… Continue Reading →

The Abortion Debate Has Shifted. Science Deniers Now Claim Fetal Heartbeats are “Manufactured” So Men Can Control Women.

I want to say this is so insane that only Stacey Abrams could believe it. But then Glenn Kessler “THE Washington Post’s FACT CHECKER” agreed with her. And they’re basing this on some wacky statement from an abortionist on NPR…. Continue Reading →

I’m Sorry. Did the Today Show Call them “Babies?”

Someone get an editor and fix this! Now!!! What this should say is “These images from researchers show that this meaningless clump of cells in the womb can react to flavor.” There. Fixed it. These images from researchers show that… Continue Reading →

Doctor Boasts that Gender Surgery is “Big Money” and Says Objectors Must Face “Consequences.”

Matt Walsh has been uncovering the fact that Vanderbilt Hospital in Nashville, Tennessee is performing gender transition surgeries on minors as well as putting children on puberty blockers. This madness must stop. But why are we being resisted? It’s because,… Continue Reading →

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