So Governor Newsom is advertising in other states to promote abortion tourism in his own state, given that thousands upon thousands are fleeing California.


When Gov. Gavin Newsom of California unveiled his plan for a billboard advertising campaign inviting women to travel to his state to have abortions, he was swiftly condemned by Catholics, who called the ads “unconscionable” and “blasphemy.”

Why the strong reaction? The abortion-selling ads include a passage from Scripture:

“Need an abortion? California is ready to help,” reads the message to be displayed along Indiana and Oklahoma highways.

In smaller lettering, the ads cite Jesus Christ’s words in the Gospel of Mark: “Love your neighbor as yourself. There is no greater commandment than these. -Mark 12:31”

We all know that Governor Newsom doesn’t give a rat’s ass about what Jesus said or did. This is trolling. He is intentionally attempting to incite the anger of faithful Christians. Why? Because he believes Christians are the enemy and his base hates Christians. For him, he sees this as a strong political move.

When the Dobbs decision came out, many Democrats were pleased as punch because it gave them a fighting chance in the mid terms, as long as they could convince people that Dobbs was an attempt to outlaw abortion, rather than simply allowing each state to vote on this issue.

The left doesn’t care about women, they care about power. They’re thrilled they have this issue with which they can alienate suburban college educated women from the Republicans.

Just a note to Newsom though. When Jesus told us to love our neighbors, he was including these people too: