A teenager was run down by a radical leftist in the wake of Joe Biden’s dangerous speech. A pro-lifer’s home was swarmed by dozens of armed federal agents for a charge that had already been tossed out of a local court. Dozens of churches and pro-life clinics have been vandalized and torched.

Yet here we see the White House doubling down on hate.

White House adviser Keisha Bottoms said on MSNBC over the weekend that Biden’s been “very clear” MAGA Republicans plan to “essentially, destroy the United States of America.”

Will this help? Clearly not. This rhetoric makes things worse.

Pro-lifers, Christians, and conservatives are now THE OTHER. They are being dehumanized by this administration, all for political purposes. They are painting a dangerous picture, making people afraid of half the country.

We’ve seen this before. This does not end well. This ends bloody. But if they have to wade through a little blood on their way to the halls of power, so be it. This is a cynical dehumanizing anti-Christian plan to accrue and hold political power.

Pray. And vote. But mostly pray.