Jesuits Will “Study” Pope’s Request That They Act Catholic
—Jesuit Superior General to Pope: We’ll get back to you on that!

Everybody’s Equal – Just Some Are More Equal Than Others
—Doctors: Withhold treatment from the “unfit.” If you think that doesn’t mean you, think again.

The Cart Before The Horse
—Head of the World Council of Churches calls for inter-communion. This kind of Kumbayah Ecumenism helps no one.

Hillary Pleads to Keep Race out of the Race
—This is the ad Hillary wishes she could make.

Dolphins are Just Like Humans After All
—The vicious dolphin is more like us than we thought.

Greater Love Hath No Man Than This
—Mom who delayed cancer treatment for unborn son, loses her life.

It’s Not Like It’s the S.A.T. or Something
—Priest to Parishioners: It is about the sacraments, not the party.

Yale Celebrates Abortion With Most Satanic Quotes I’ve Ever Read
—Life means nothing at Yale. Article from the Yale Daily News contains some of the most awful if not downright satanic quotes we’ve ever read.

Archbishop Burke Criticizes Saint Louis U. Basketball Coach
—University’s defense: Don’t worry, we’re not really Catholic.

Saving Movies for my Wife Has Destroyed My Taste in Movies
—Before I got married I never would’ve dreamed about having someone save a movie for me. And I wouldn’t have listened to anyone who asked me to save a movie for them.

Clergy Blesses Abortion Clinic
—These pro-choice types are always arguing that we should keep religion out of the abortion issue, until now.