With perhaps just months left in power, the Democrat party aims to do something important before it is too late. Kill more babies.

[Washington Times] Senate Democrats are angling to end the military’s decades-old ban on allowing abortions in overseas military hospitals, thus thrusting the culture wars back onto the front burner after months of being drowned out by the nation’s economic woes.

Sen. Roland W. Burris ushered the proposal through the Senate Armed Services Committee in May, tacking it onto the Defense Authorization Act, which the Senate is slated to consider Tuesday.

I wish I could say this is unbelievable, but it is not. Abortion fuels the engine of the party of death.

While the proposal would require women to pay for their abortions, it would fund all the equipment and personnel necessary to perform the abortions. Senator James Inhofe said…

“they are going to turn our military hospitals into abortion clinics” and called on the crowd to rally against lawmakers interested in moving the proposal forward.

“Make sure they understand that you are watching. Because if they don’t think you’re watching, it’s going to sail through,” Mr. Inhofe said, alluding to Tuesday’s scheduled vote. “You can stop it … . If you do this, you will be doing the Lord’s work, and he will richly bless you for it,” he said on Friday.

This is why I can never vote for a Democrat.

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