The unexpected dangers of the Amazon Kindle. I almost crashed my car.

No, I wasn’t reading and driving. Worse.

My eleven year old daughter got a kindle for Christmas and she could not have been more excited. She is an avid reader and had wanted one for a long time.

So after we opened presents, we registered her kindle and had to decide on her first book. I recommended Ann of Green Gables.

After Christmas Mass, we are all headed over to my Mom’s house and she is reading in the back of the van.


“Yes, sweetie?”

“What does ejaculation mean?”

Screeching of tires and….

Well, not really. But I look over at my wife and she is staring at me wide-eyed.

Blink. Blink…………Blink.

“It means an abrupt exclamation honey. An outburst.”

“Oh, thanks Daddy.”

See, if we just stuck with Latin, we wouldn’t have these kinds of problems. Dead languages have their advantages.

Man, I hope she doesn’t use her new vocabulary word in school.