Who’da thunk it? Newt just secured the polygamist vote over Romney.

So the skinny is that Newt asked his second wife for an ‘open marriage.’ Drudge quotes him as saying “You need to share me…”

Apparently, like Obama, Newt wants to redistribute the wealth too. (Or what passes for it in Newt’s mind.)

Newt loves his country so much, one wife just cannot contain him.

Newt is a tool.

Look, I hope he has had a change of heart and regrets his previous actions, but this level of jerkiness is a disqualifier as far as I am concerned. It is no wonder that his current wife Calista never leaves his side. She knows first hand that he cannot be trusted.

Newt has been a lying, cheating, disingenuous tool for most of his adult life. Many of these characteristics have been equally on display in his public life as well. I can hope he has changed, but the truth is that his behavior during this campaign makes him seem like just the same ol’ Newt to me.

You are done Newt. If you have any grace in you, apologize to your family for dragging them through this again and get out. If we want a jerk for President, we have other choices.