Every year during Holy Week the mainstream media conducts its own special ritual called the anti-Christian hit piece.

The formula goes like this. Find some author who says that everything that Christians believe and hold dear is a lie. Report all his/her assertions as if they are fact without bothering to address the mountains of scholarly work over centuries that contradict his/her primary assertions.

Some years it the “Real Jesus” or the “Real Mary” or the “Real Bible,” but the purpose is always the same. Everything you believe is a lie. Happy Easter.

This year, CNN begins the annual dance with this Palm Sunday lede.

This year’s entry is 4 myths of the Book of Revelation. I was intrigued by the title since the book of Revelation is often misunderstood, but alas and alack. Same ol’, same ol’.

The bottom line?

  • The man who wrote it was not St. John.
  • The man who wrote it was not even a Christian.
  • It was “forced” into the Bible over the protests of some early church leaders.
  • The book is only to be interpreted as an allegory for the fall of Jerusalem in 70AD and may not be interpreted any other way, ever. It cannot have more than one meaning. No way, no how.
  • There were lots of other books of “revelation” that were “suppressed” by early Church leaders for their own misogynistic ends.
  • The book is so hard to understand that Princeton professors can’t even understand it (even though she writes a book about it) and if a Princeton professor can’t, what chance do you have.

So there you go. I have to go now so I can question how I have been so foolish all these years.