A Lesbian couple “married” in California is seeking a divorce in Maryland which stills says “You are not married.”

Never let a manufactured crisis go to waste.

Maryland’s highest court is poised to hear arguments in a precedent-setting case involving two women who married in California but were denied a divorce in Maryland, which does not currently allow same-sex weddings.

The Court of Appeals of Maryland in Annapolis was set to hear arguments Friday from lawyers for the lesbian couple who are seeking to end their marriage. A Maryland judge declined to grant their divorce in 2010, basing his decision on the conclusion that the women’s marriage is not valid under Maryland law.

But lawyers for the women disagree, saying the state should recognize gay marriages performed elsewhere even though Maryland does not allow same-sex weddings at the present time. As a result, the couple should be allowed to divorce in the state, the lawyers say.

Even though Maryland is set to recognize Gay Marriage next year, the precedent set by this case risks forcing states that do not recognize gay marriage to recognize it whether they like it or not. Divorce destroys marriage. Gay “marriage” destroys marriage. Together they make a lethal combination.