Whether he likes it or not, President Obama is now stuck with the human gaffe and racism machine, Joe Biden, as his veep.

After all the dumb stuff Biden has said and done, you know that the idea must have crossed the President’s mind more than once. But even if he wanted to, there is no way that Obama could make the switch to Hillary now. Know why? Because Sarah Palin told him to.

Sarah, yesterday suggested what many Democrats have been urging the President to do, that the President must dump dumbo Joe in favor of Hillary.

And maybe he would have. But when I heard Sarah say it the first thing that popped into my mind was “Well, he can’t do it now! If he did, he would be seen as taking advice from Palin. No way!”

Hotair agrees:

After that well-publicized challenge, Obama wouldn’t dare take her advice and dump Biden from the ticket. Even a medical reason would look like a panicked, defensive move at this point, especially after this week’s nonstop series of VP bungling on the campaign trail. We’re more likely to see a Biden apology than a withdrawal, and I don’t think that’s likely at all. The last convention purge of an incumbent VP from a ticket came in 1944, and only because Henry Wallace had become an open admirer of Joseph Stalin — and thankfully, we ended up with a President Truman rather than a President Wallace.

Obama’s stuck with Biden. That’s actually bad news for everyone, but fortunately American voters can keep Biden from being one heartbeat away from the presidency in November.

So he picked Joe and now he has to live with him. I hope that Joe is extra Joey over the next 82 days!!

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