In no particular order…

I have to remind myself that there are many things on which I profoundly disagree with Secretary Rice because she is so very impressive.

My 11 yr old son walked in the room during Ryan’s speech and asked “Is he 20 years old?”

I am no fan of Huckabee, but he did a good job. He made some pro-life remarks and said that an attack on Catholics is an attack on all. Nice.

Ryan’s comments about life and faith stood out as something more than the perfunctory mentions we have come to expect. He means it.

“Live in a country where everything is free but us.” Bang.

I thought Ryan started out a little slow but by the end he totally had me. I think he came across as smart, upbeat, and not at all scary. Check!

Gov. Martinez did a fine job after that great Condi speech. She has a future.

Gov. Martinez had me at .357 Magnum.

MSNBC will spend all tonight saying how awful the speeches were and all tomorrow how much better they were than Romney’s.

Paul Ryan: “Each one of us bears the image and likeness of the Lord of Life” nuff said.

I can’t wait for the convention to be over so we can go back to hating women.

New Obama ad: My wife was diagnosed and died of cancer during Paul Ryan’s speech.

Most men never get lipstick on their teeth during a speech.

I think my wife likes Paul Ryan better than me. I think I do too.

Paul Ryan should say that Obama cut medicare 716 billion times.

I need that faded Obama poster to cover the hole I made banging my head against the wall.

Paul Ryan could only make that speech because government built the roads and bridges to get there. Oh, right, he took an airplane.

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