I know I have sometimes been unkind to Newt in my assessment of his suitability as the GOP nominee, but with the exception of maybe Santorum you will not hear another Republican speak this directly to Dems on their horrific position.

Well done, Newt.

MR. GINGRICH: And– and– and– I’m– I’m frankly, fed up, with the one-sided bias, okay. Let me give you two examples. Vice president of the United States goes to a black audience and says if the Republicans win you will be in chains. Now, where is the– how can Biden remain as vice president? Where is the outrage over overt, deliberate racism? And we talk about people saying things they ought to get off tickets. How come Biden shouldn’t get off the ticket? Second example, the Democratic Party plank on abortion is the most extreme plank in the United States. The president of United States voted three times to protect the right of doctors to kill babies who came out of abortion still alive. That plank says tax-paid abortion at any moment of– of, meaning, partial birth abortion, that’s a 20 percent issue. The vast majority of women do not believe the taxpayers should pay to abort a child in the eighth or ninth month. Now why isn’t it shocking that the Democrats on the social issue of abortion have taken the most extreme position in this country and they couldn’t defend their position for a day if it was made clear and a vivid– as vivid as all the effort is made to paint Republicans?

MR. FRIEDMAN: I’m a Planned Parenthood Democrat on– on– on the issue of– of choice. And I think that that is where the country should be. That is where many, many women in this country are. And I’m glad there are people running for the presidency who will defend that position. Period. Paragraph. End it.

GREGORY: Newt, I guess the question, too, is whether– whether you’re seeking even in the Akin example of this kind of to seek an equivalency between that and say, Biden, who is using language that Republicans have used about, you know, the regulatory shackles, as opposed to making an overt racial…

MR. GINGRICH: Biden was not talking to a black audience about regulatory shackles, okay. But– but I’m making– I’m making– let me go back to Tom’s point, because I’m– so– so you think it’s acceptable to have a party committed to tax-paid abortion in the eighth and ninth month? And you think that’s a sustainable position in the United States. If the news media spent as much time on the extremism of the Democrats as they spend trying to attack us, you would– they would not be able to adopt that plank this week.

MR. FRIEDMAN: Yeah, I– I do believe that’s a defensible position but I also believe I’m– I’m here as a journalist, I’ll let the Democratic Party defend it.

Ht Gatweway

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