A new poll from Ohio has Obama up 1 45%-44%.

Well that doesn’t seem too bad considering all we have heard about Ohio, but let’s look at the internals shall we?

The internals show a D+10 skew in the poll. Yes, D+10. But what does that mean? We might know what is normal nationally but what is normal in Ohio?

Via Nic Deb I came across this Ohio exit poll data:

A 2010 Ohio Exit Poll  showed R+1:
DEMOCRAT   36%            REPUBLICAN   37% 
A 2012 Gallup Party ID poll Ohio showed    D+1

DEMOCRAT   42%            REPUBLICAN   41%

Well, now. Doesn’t seem to be much justification for D+10, does there, other than, of course, showing Obama in the lead.

Stacy McCain (also via Nic Deb) is in Ohio and had this to say.

RNC Chairman Reince Priebus just held an impromptu press gaggle and said, “We’re going to outspend the DNC 10-to-1 for the next six weeks.” Asked about polls showing Romney-Ryan trailing in Ohio, Priebus said “we’re within a field goal and we’re going to crush [the Democrats] on the ground.”

And lastly, there is Dick Morris. Yeah, I know, but anyway.

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