So the night before a debate that includes foreign policy, Obama called Hillary at 3pm (3am he is sleeping don’tcha know) to tell her the buck stops with you.

Of course, Hillary took that buck an passed it on to some underling.

I mean, if you think about it, does the buck really every stop? I mean, would there be a buck to pass if someone didn’t manufacture the weapons for us to give to al Qaeda in the first place.

Or if we hadn’t intervened in a civil war in which we had no business.

Or if someone hadn’t gathered the intelligence to be ignored.

Or even the someone who invented the television cameras for multiple administration officials to lie to.

I love these people who think the buck stops with them because they are smarter. There are plenty of smart people out there. Or they think that the buck stops with them because they work harder, well there are plenty of hard working people.

I mean if the buck gets to you. You didn’t build that, somebody else made that happen. So pass that buck, its the American way.

Oh, but Hillary, “Buck You!”

*subhead*You didn’t buck that!*subhead*