Utah is seeking to ban abortions performed for no other reason other than the baby waiting to be born is a girl. This is hardly radical since almost everyone thinks that gender-based abortion is an abomination, right?

Well, almost everyone.

[Lifenews] Republican and pro-life advocates were supposedly the ones engaging in a War on Women, but Planned Parenthood appears to be headlong into a new war on women, before birth.

Utah State Sen. Margaret Dayton is proposing legislation prohibiting abortions in the western state if sought because the baby is a girl. The measure may also prevent abortions if sought because the baby is black or another undesired race.

Planned Parenthood of Utah opposes the proposed “Gender Selection Abortion Prohibition” bill. Karrie Galloway, the head of the abortion business in the state, told media that her group is opposed to the common sense bill because it is a “solution looking for a problem” simply because she is unaware of any cases of sex-selection abortions or race-based abortions in Utah.

I am sure Planned Parenthood doesn’t support murder for no other reason than being a girl. But being a girl and from Utah? That cannot stand.