In the discussion following the abdication of Pope Benedict XVI and in the lead up to the conclave, the amount of misinformation, hyperbole, and un-Catholic nonsense being spewed on the internet has been staggering. No, I write not about the silly season currently underway with the mainstream media or even progressive ‘Catholic’ publications. No, I refer to the misinformation, hyperbole, and un-Catholic nonsense being spouted by well-meaning Catholics who think they treasure orthodoxy.

Catholic comboxes all over the internet are overflowing with rubbish written by well-meaning but woefully misinformed Catholics. I do not wish to single out any individual comment or commenter as my aim is not to ridicule, but to inform. Therefore, I will address these point generally.

The Holy Spirit picks the Pope, so don’t worry. This is probably the most common bit of balderdash. I refer to this is ‘Holy Spirit as conclave Puppeteer fallacy.’

Let’s get this straight, the Holy-Spirit does not pick the Pope, 117 fallible men do. For certain, many or even most of these men will call on the Holy Spirit in fervent prayer to guide their judgement, but it is still their judgement, their fallible judgment.

To suggest that …

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