you’re one of those people who wonder where priests come from or what kind of guy is entering the seminary these days. “If I only I could listen on on the conversations of seminarians,” you might say, “then I would get an insight into the future of the priesthood and the Church.”
Well, your prayers have been answered.
With both the explicit permission and tacit knowledge (“don’t do anything scandalous”) of Mundelein Seminary Rector, Fr. Robert Barron, a group of three seminarians is doing their part in using new media for the New Evangelization. You’ll soon learn their personalities and particular contributions.
They’ve put together a little group of guys called “Three Dogs North” who sit around and talk about stuff that seminarians care about. And, they have invited me, on occasion, to sit around and talk about stuff with them. It’s sort of like eavesdropping, but with permission and without the creepy feeling.
Hear them talk about trying to teach the theology of the body to high school kids (aka “pizza luv”), the meaning of manhood and beards, prayer, death, conversions, vocation stories, the future…whatever the Spirit inspires. And a lot of laughing.
Frankly, it’s hard to beat the description of the most recent post (with a guest appearance by yours truly):  
“It could be incense or it could be cheese in a can, but the moment you
smell it you think, ‘I don’t know what it is, but I want it.'”

If you want to check out some sessions, check out the 3 Dogs North web site, and if you want to subscribe, visit the iTunes podcast page that’s been set up. It’s free. And you’ll make their day.

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