This June may well be a watershed moment in American history. It may be the month that historians peg as the time the America we knew ended. It may be the month we lost America.

Obviously, the decision on the manufacturing of a constitutional right to gay marriage looms large. More on that in a moment. But the passage in the Senate of TPA is just another indicator that signals the end of limited constitutional government and the separation of powers.

I won’t bore with the details of this decision, but what I want to impress upon you is that elections, the throwing out one party for another, made absolutely no difference. The federal behemoth grows unabated and our sovereignty is bartered for political support from the Chamber of Commerce. What is wrong with America is beyond the normal powers of elections and the electorate to fix.

America, as we knew it and thought we understood it, is done. I know people don’t want to hear that and I understand. I know they don’t want to believe that and I understand. But it is true none the less.

If you haven’t accepted that truth yet, perhaps the decision on gay marriage will clue you in. When they invent a constitutional right to gay marriage, your first amendment rights for the free exercise of religion and speech, will be under constant assault from the very government that should be protecting our first freedoms. We may win some of the battles, but I assure you the war is lost. You will not be able to practice your religion or speak the truth without oppression from the government over employment, student loans, business permits, and the list goes on and on. People will go to jail for believing and speaking the truth.

But the truth is America has been done for a while. There is a financial reckoning coming like nothing you can imagine and likely much sooner than you can imagine. And when it comes, the government will come after everything you have. Your pensions, your 401ks, your savings, none of it will belong to you. None of it. And don’t think you can flee into gold, for they will likely make trading precious metals illegal so that you can’t run and hide.

This is all coming folks. It has been a century in the making, but most of you will be around to see it.

I know you don’t want to hear it or believe it, I understand. I didn’t either. But the truth is the truth. America is lost.

*subhead*It is over.*subhead*