I have seen some criticism of the #SynodWalkout letter which says, “this is a bad idea, the good Bishops need to stay and work through the process.”

My simple answer to that criticism is, READ THE LETTER.

We do not ask the Bishops to abandon the process now, but rather, before it is over, if nothing has changed and no other conclusion can be reached other than the pre-ordained conclusion of the Instrumentum Laboris, then they should walkout rather than have their presence at the end serve to legitimize the totally illegitimate.

I urge you, if you dismissed the letter without reading it, please take a moment to read it in full. The letter has garnered over 1,600 signatures from Catholic writers, theologians, and hundreds upon hundreds of Catholics who realize that the “process” is not legitimate and those Bishops, be they convinced of the same reality, must walk out before it is over.

Read the letter.

Thank you.

*subhead*Read it.*subhead*