Honestly, the worst part of the whole Trump phenomenon for me is a profound sense on loneliness.

As many of you might know, I quit the GOP four years ago as I realized that it had completely ceased to be an opposition party in any meaningful way. I abandoned once and for all the delusion that the GOP would advance my beliefs. So while I was quite clear-headed and obviously correct in that assessment four years ago, I still held on to another equally erroneous delusion.

You see, I believed that the main problem with the GOP was its controlling and elected leadership. But that at the grassroots level there were many people just like me. And that when the time came, when enough people got fed up, we would wrest control of the party from the so-called elitists and establishment types and make it a party based upon principle.

Well, I was wrong. Not that one day a fed up people would rebel against Republican leadership, no that part was right. But I was completely wrong in thinking they were like me. People who put principle before politics, people who valued God, moral principles, and the idea of limited and narrowly defined constitutional powers for the federal government.

They turned out to be something else entirely. An angry and unprincipled mob.

So the worst part, loneliness. I convinced myself that there were many out there like me. Now I know there are not. We are essentially alone and perhaps even more powerless than before the rebellion began.

*subhead*We are alone.*subhead*