For those who care to listen, this has been my fear all along. That Trump’s primary victory sets up a Trump(populism) vs GOP elitism narrative with everybody forgetting that the GOP elite backed Trump at the end in preference to an actual conservative reformer. With that false narrative in place, Trump’s disastrous defeat at the hands of a candidate so weak she can barely stand, metaphorically and physically, that the GOP establishment will thus be further empowered. This further marginalizes the single group of folks in the GOP that could actually make a meaningful difference, limited gov’t constitutional conservatives.

Even if, by some miracle, Trump wins, the situation is not much improved. Trump may possibly do some good things along with a number of bad things. But one thing is for certain, he will do nothing to limit the size and scope of the ever encroaching federal behemoth. When Dems eventually gain control again, the tyranical growth continues on unabated.

America got screwed the moment Trump secured the nomination, but they were cheering too loudly to notice.

*subhead*False narrative.*subhead*