Further research into the evidence behind the Discovery Channel Documentary shows conclusively that all the checks have cleared. Executive producer, Rosana Dana Dana is now quoted as saying “Never mind“. It is now being reported that the “Scholars” quoted in the infamous documentary are running away from it quicker than politicians are running away from Imus. In fact, the scholar who supported the main premise is now backing off. From CNA:

The most astounding revision is that of University of Toronto statistician Andrey Feuerverger, who provided statements that supported the central point of the film.

Feuerverger stated in the film that the odds are 600 to one in favor of the tomb being the family burial cave of Jesus of Nazareth. He now says these figures referred to the probability of a cluster of such names appearing together.

It also appears that some scholars doubt was ignored.

Shimon Gibson, who was on the team that excavated the tomb and also appeared in the film, is quoted in Pfann’s report as saying that much more evidence is needed before the tomb can be considered the family tomb of Jesus.
“Personally, I’m skeptical that this is the tomb of Jesus and I made this point very clear to the filmmakers,” Gibson is quoted as saying.

There is a lot more evidence that the filmmakers were only interested in making a buck with the added bonus of attacking Christianity than there is for the claims they made in the ‘documentary’. Now that the checks have cleared, who cares if the evidence doesn’t hold up.