Vengeance in mine. While the air still hangs thick with gunpowder, while shock and disbelief prevail, before we even know the names of the dead, the drumbeat begins. The 32 dead are not enough you see, we want our pound of flesh too. It is low now, but the drumbeat calling for the heads of the Va. Tech University President and the head of the local police will likely grow over the coming days. Did they blow it? Perhaps. As a matter of fact, one of the first questions I asked myself when I heard that the shootings were spaced over hours, was “how can that happen? Didn’t they lock down the campus?” But that was from the cozy confines of my office while I read the story on the Internet, drinking my coffee. These people were not ready to deal with such a situation. How could they be? But, people cannot just make mistakes in this country. If you make a mistake, especially one that costs lives, you are just as guilty as the man who pulled the trigger. With the gunman dead, our vengeful spirit will likely turn to the University President and the local police. Why didn’t they lock down? Why did they assume had left campus? Why was he admitted to the school in the first place? I suspect no answers will satisfy us. With the shooter dead, our thirst for someone else to blame will just be too strong. We should pray for these people too, as we destroy their lives.