The Pope and The Patriarch
——Meeting for the Pope and Russian Patriarch?

The Fun Way To Save The World
——Save Western Civilization the fun way. Making babies.

Get With It Or Get Out
——Homosexual activist thinks Poland should be spanked.

Motu Proprio In Translation
——Fr. Z. has the skinny on the Motu Proprio

News & Opinion

Underground Chinese Bishop Arrested
Beijing, Jun. 6, 2007 ( – A prominent leader of the “underground” Catholic Church in China has been arrested for the 9th time in the past three years, the Cardinal Kung Foundation reports.

More on Monsignor McDonald
Leticia over at Causa Nostrae Laetitiae has a great follow up to our story on Monsignor McDonald “A Good Priest”. Read more about this wonderful priest.

I would rather go to hell than take orders on how to vote from the Cardinal.
Catholic lawmakers in Australia said yesterday they will vote in favor of therapeutic cloning regardless of the directives or warnings issued by the archbishop of Sydney.

Catholic Gay Service to Be Presided Over by Woman
I guess of you are going to put on a show, it should be a good one. Dignity/NY, the LGBT Catholic group, will have a woman preside over its Gay Pride Mass