Reigning Humans In Australia
——Matthew’s take on the Australian cloning controversy.

An A.P. Reporter Who Actually Reports?
——Shocker! A well balanced report on Archbishop Burke.

The Pope and The Patriarch
——Meeting for the Pope and Russian Patriarch?

The Fun Way To Save The World
——Save Western Civilization the fun way. Making babies.

News & Opinion

President Bush Meets the Pope
ROME -President Bush, in his first meeting with Pope Benedict XVI, defended his humanitarian record around the globe, telling the papal leader on Saturday about U.S. efforts to battle AIDS in Africa.

Papal patience causes chafing among some Vatican bureaucrats, media
CNS asks, “Why is everything taking so long?” Answer: The Pope will not be rushed.

More on Monsignor McDonald
Leticia over at Causa Nostrae Laetitiae has a great follow up to our story on Monsignor McDonald “A Good Priest”. Read more about this wonderful priest.

Catholic Gay Service to Be Presided Over by Woman
I guess of you are going to put on a show, it should be a good one. Dignity/NY, the LGBT Catholic group, will have a woman preside over its Gay Pride Mass

So Father, what do you think about the Motu Proprio?
Fr. Erik Richtsteig at Orthometer has a well balanced take on the coming Motu Proprio.