The Smartest Person in the Room
——Evangelical Catholicism: Only I am smart enough to appreciate Cardinal Martino.

The AP Asks “Who Will the Pope Endorse?”
——The AP widely misses the mark, again.

Michael Moore Wants Christianized Medicine?
——Somehow, we just don’t buy it.

A Third Narnia?
——Why Walden Entertainment is family friendly.

Holy Grail Not Worth the Risk
——I wouldn’t drink from that if I were you!

God is Missing Again
——It looks like the U.S. Mint has struck again – or not.

News & Opinion

President Bush vetos stem-cell bill, expands support for non-embryonic research
US President George W. Bush today vetoed a bill that would have expanded federal government subsidies from embryonic stem-cell research.

Death on the march in Mexico
The archbishop of Mexico reiterated the Church’s respect for life from conception till natural death, in response to legislation introduced to legalize passive euthanasia in Mexico’s federal district.

Legal abortion has increased illegitimacy
Abortion may eliminate “unwanted” children, but it increases out-of-wedlock births and single parenthood, says John Lott Jr. in today’s Wall Street Journal.

Bishop: Pro-Choice and Communion not compatible.
Pro-choice Catholics, not just Catholic politicians, must not receive Communion if they knowingly support legalized abortion says an American Catholic bishop.