The Hartford Advocate has an interesting article about the United Church of Christ (UCC), New England’s largest Protestant denomination, holding its 26th General Synod.

This article lauds the UCC for extolling a ‘Christianity’ in which people, believe in Jesus, but not too much.

If the UCC had a motto, it would be something like “Christian but Not Insane.” The following statement appears on the UCC Web site and sums up its perspective: “[The UCC] seeks to be Multiracial, Multicultural, Open and Affirming, and Accessible to All —A Church where everyone is welcome!”

Normal Christians are off the wall you see. They get so into that Jesus thing and morals. The UCC doesn’t get into any of that weird stuff.

The UCC has long been in the forefront of progressive social justice issues [Uh oh!]. Many renowned political activists are members of the UCC, including the man who nearly single-handedly revived the Democratic Party—Howard Dean.[HAHAHAHAHAHA! Oh no you didn’t!] Perhaps most tellingly, the Rev. Barry Lynn, director of Americans United for Separation of Church and State, is a member. The UCC believes that religious faith should play a part in American society but not impose its will on governance.

Ah, I see. the UCC is the Church for those who wish to call themselves Christian for political expediency, but in no way will their consciences be formed or their voting be affected by any of that weird ‘Jesusy’ stuff.

Obama, who speaks at the synod on Sat., June 23, has been a member of Chicago’s Trinity UCC since 1988, and as he has reminded people on the campaign trail, “I was elected as Illinois’ Senator, not Illinois’ minister.”

So in the same way that we know that Lindsay Lohan is lying when she says “I like sobriety, but I’m not like a Nazi about it. That cocaine isn’t mine” or my brother Matthew says “Star Trek is alright, but I’m not a Trekkie or anything. Those pointy ears were a Secret Santa gift.” The UCC is for that particular brand of liar who wishes to say “I am Christian.” without actually being one.