What is the point of having your own blog if you cannot shamelessly plug your relatives endeavors.

Mary Theresa Archbold, sister to the principal bloggers on CMR, and her husband Pat Shay have a family friendly show now playing at this years NYC Fringe Festival entitled “Jazz Hand: Tales of a One Armed Woman”.

Take a look at some of the reviews.

From NYTheatre.com

Jazz Hand is a two-person sketch show that includes hilarious personal monologues, dancing, singing, and most of all, cute and clever scenes. The show stars Mary Theresa Archbold and her husband, Pat Shay, two actors who are so incredibly likable that when the show is over, you want to watch them do another show and then take them out for coffee.”

And from Hyreviews.com
“Thursday’s most delightful surprise was the premiere of Jazz Hand: Tales of a One Armed Woman. I’d expected a conceptual play that used having one arm as a metaphor; but no, it’s actually a very funny series of autobiographical vignettes about Mary Theresa Archbold, who was born missing an arm…and who is one of the most engaging, endearing, and talented personalities to grace the festival.”

Tickets are going fast. So if your are in the NYC area this week or weekend, be sure to check it out.
Get more detail at http://www.jazz-hand.com/index.html or click on one of the links below to order tickets. Don’t miss it!

THUR 8/23 @ 9:45-10:25
FRI 8/24 @ 4:15-4:55
SUN 8/26 @ NOON-12:40