The Pope or the Dalai Lama?
——Australian TV host John Safran playing a little game of who said this? The big, bad, authoritarian Pope or the cute and cudly Dalai Lama.

Political Correctness Run Amok
——Who is the group so powerful that they can destroy a man’s life for writing something they didn’t like?

Democrats Attacks Jindal’s Catholicism
——Louisiana politics have always been ugly. They just got uglier.

Summorum Open Questions
——John Allen reports that Bishop Trautman is seeking answers to some open questions regarding the motu proprio. Questions such as altar girls and communion under both species.

I’m Not Dead Yet
——Beware Cold Blooded Compassion

Pardon Me Grandma, Your Contempt is Showing
——Mother of four and grandmother to nine, Patty McCarty put her disdain for the Pope, The Church, the mass, and the Eucharist on display at the National Catholic Reporter. She thinks the Pope should let her say the Latin Mass.

The 6th Circle of Hell
——The Editorial Staff at the National Catholic Reporter is despondent!

Driving stick.
——Brilliant, simply brilliant analogy of the situation with the Latin Mass. (HT to Some Have Hats)

Jazz Hand: Tales of a One Armed Woman
——Mary Theresa Archbold, sister to the principal bloggers on CMR, and her husband Pat Shay have a family friendly show now playing at this years NYC Fringe Festival entitled “Jazz Hand: Tales of a One Armed Woman”.

Pope says he’s sending envoy to quake-stricken Peru
——CASTEL GANDOLFO, Italy (AP) – Pope Benedict XVI said Sunday that he is sending his top aide to quake-stricken Peru as a sign of his concern.

Pope Benedict XVI says that true peace, the peace of Jesus, is not free from division
——“The peace that Jesus brings is the fruit of a constant struggle against evil”, Pope Benedict XVI told the faithful today. And he explained that that struggle can result in division.