San Fran Church Publishes Queer Letter in Bulletin
—Sister Delta Goodhand writes “Thanks for the sacrilege.”

Dumb or Dumber:The Larry Craig / Pete Townshend Defense
—Believing Monsignor Stenico might be worse than not believing him.

Top Ten Scientific Explantions of Miracle of Sun at Fatima
—From the absurd to the obtuse. Those who refuse to believe will believe anything.

A Black Mark on The Vatican
—”I’m not gay, I was undercover!”

Bishop Statement on Holy Cross Scandal
—Bishop threatens, Holy Cross shrugs.

When Popes Attack!
—Mahmoud is really a nice guy, the Pope is the real aggressor.

Nuns, Police in Riot Gear, Guitars and Tambourines
—Rebellious Nuns do the perp walk with tambourines in hand.

Pole Dancing Seven Year Olds
—It’s the end of the world as we know it!

Popie Dearest Freaks Me Out
—If animals can talk, Matt is in real trouble.