Sinead: Nobody Loves Pope Benedict 🙁
—Sinead O’Connor says…ummm…well. I’m not sure. See if you can figure it out.

A Very Presumptuous Affirmation
—Cardinal Christoph Schönborn on evolution, Darwin, the reasonableness of a belief in the Creator, and the presuppositions of democracy.

Rabbits Attack Politicians…Again!
—When attacked by killer rabbits, keep it to yourself.

The President Prayed in Public – Not That One
—Just a short time ago our country did not see a dissonance between the demands of our faith and the demands of our nation.

Silly Pope! The Science Isn’t Settled.
—Connecticut Bishops need to straighten out the Pope.

The Trekkie and Pro-Lifer Symbiosis
—”Lake of Fire” documentary gets it wrong.

Moral Monopoly?
—I would give Gonzaga student an F in Moral Theology and an A+ in Moral Equivalence 101

I’m Counter-Cultural, Who Knew?
—Sometimes having a larger family is all the witness you need.