Do you Believe in Miracles
—For those who believe no explanation is necessary, for those who don’t none will suffice. Jesus laterals to Peter…Peter to Paul…Paul laterals to Luke…..

Two Takes on Tridentine Mass
—A secular newspaper and a priest measure response to the motu proprio. Guess who gets it right?

The Dinosaurs Doth Protest Too Much
—Progressive dinosaurs howl at their impending extinction.

Media, Democrats and A Single Edged Sword
—Where are the professionally outraged when you need them?

There Are No Values
—First get rid of values and value voters will be next.

Head in the Sand America
—A picture is definitely worth a thousand words.

How Did We Get Here?
—Rowan Williams ask ‘How did we get here?’ on abortion. A mirror might provide the answer.

The Theology of Yes
—I’ve come to decide enlightenment is a heavy philosophy, not suited to living.

400,000 Traditional Anglican Converts In One Shot?
—Traditional Anglican communion seeks reunification.

United Nations: Latin Lovers Conversation
Jose y Manuela: A Love Story. My take on how the United Nations thinks the Church spreads AIDS.

A Long Time Ago, In a Monastery Far, Far Away…
—Well…not so long and not so far!

Atheists Host Pornographic Christian Art Exhibit
—Rather odd. A bunch of people who supposedly want nothing to do with religion going to see an exhibit about religion. I suppose they want attention, the poor things.