Climb on the Offense Train
—I take offense by your being offended.

Church Arson Bad – But On The Other Hand
—Burning Churches is an understandable reaction, even if it is arson.

Yes to Death, No to Life
—How can we tell children it’s ok to end life but not to begin it.

Georgetown Update
—More on Georgetown funding of homosexual advocacy group.

Who-ville Pushes Back
—A nativity scene story on Halloween.

Georgetown to Fully Fund Sin
—University doesn’t care about souls.

Fishers of Men
—A stunning video from the USCCB calling real men to the priesthood.

Two Takes on Tridentine Mass
—A secular newspaper and a priest measure response to the motu proprio. Guess who gets it right?

The Theology of Yes
—I’ve come to decide enlightenment is a heavy philosophy, not suited to living.

There Are No Values
—First get rid of values and value voters will be next.