Santa and the Ax Man
—Serial Killer spices up a calendar and it sells like hot cakes.

Anglican Communion: The Final Frontier
—How Star Trek V was actually about the Anglican Communion.

Nuns Playing Ultimate Frisbee
—Matthew felt compelled to post this.

Columnist: Jesus Wants Women Priests
—Two women who say they’re Roman Catholic who want to be ordained as priests and are taking part in a ceremony at a synagogue. Confused? So is the columnist.

Neighborhood Watch
—Is deceit a sin if it is for a good cause? What if it makes you laugh?

Downside of Stay-At-Home Dads
—Which skirt allows for the best round house kick to the undead?

Here Comes Tony!
—Former PM to be accepted into Roman Catholic church

Priest “Comes Out” During Mass
—Priest at Jesuit University identifies himself as a homosexual during school’s ‘Unity Week.’

Fr. Pat Strikes Again
—How could we have trees if we didn’t have the nuts. And eat your oats to fight consumerism. Oh, and…um….cardboard is bad. All this and much more.

If Anglicans Reunite with Pope: Apocalypse to Follow
—If Anglicans reunite with Rome, theTrumpet says we are doomed!

Mother Angelica Branches Out
—Mother Angelica’s nuns break ground in Arizona.

Are You A Radical Progressive?
—The answer might surprise you!