—My sure fire predictions for great happenings in 2008!

Great Story About Two Brothers’ Journey To Living Their Faith
—A fascinating story about two brothers, one a quiet boy and another rebellious boy who was involved in gangs. One became a priest and the other a millionaire creator of toys glorifying gang life. But their story doesn’t end there.Read how they’ve helped each other and many others in the Oakland Tribune.

Media Ignores Pro-Abortion Violence
—Vicious attack against pro-lifer draws big yawn from the media.

Bishops Get Scolded For Taking Faith Seriously
—”Faith education works all right as long as people are not that serious about their faith.” Huh?

Our Way or The Highway
—Why don’t these darned immigrants just speak English! Intolerance from an unusual source.

Tony Is No Great Catch for Antediluvian Dictatorship
—Good ol’ fashioned anti-catholic vitriol–with a twist!.

Friday Funnies
—Don’t miss these videos! Cooties…You could have it and not even know it. — Tim Hawkins on Marriage.