Yesterday I had the honor and privilege to attend a Solemn High Mass of the Extraordinary form at which the Most Reverend William Murphy, Bishop of Rockville Centre on Long Island, conferred Papal honors and the title of Monsignor upon Fr. James Pereda M.A., M Div., J.C.D., Judicial Vicar. Monsignor Pereda has been the long time “pastor” for the Traditional community on Long Island. He is a good man and a good priest.

The mass was wonderful and the Gregorian Schola from St. Anthony’s High School was terrific.

It is thrilling to have someone so close to the Latin Mass community recognized in such a way. Providentially, the ceremony prompted Bishop Murphy to pay his first visit to the Latin Mass community on Long Island and Bishop Murphy assured all in attendance that it would not be his last. This community will be returning the visit on June 15, 2008 when Bishop Murphy, with the assistance of Monsignor Pereda, confers the sacrament of Confirmation using the extraordinary form at St. Agnes Cathedral. The seed has been planted on Long Island thanks to Pope Benedict XVI and Monsignor Pereda and now Bishop Murphy is helping it grow.

Our congratulations go out to Monsignor Pereda and our thanks to Bishop Murphy for gracing us with his precense. Here are some more pictures of the day.