Fmr. Presidential Candidate Attacks Pope
—Tancredo takes the express train to irrelevance.

Dems Talk Potential Life
—”I Haven’t…. Ummm…. I Don’t think that…. Ummmm…. Well, potentially…..

Benedict XVI: The Pope of the Council
—Here is the thing about Pope Benedict and the Council; His words and speeches are not mere lip service, he means it.

Ben-e-DEE-to! Ben-e-DEE-to!
—Noonan on Pope Benedict.

Is Catholic Church the New Enron?
—Is the company about to go under?

Obama Flips Clinton The Bird!
—I don’t care what kind of denials the man issues, I think he did this on purpose!

Mass Outrage: No Extraordinary Ministers!
—After the multicultural musical mayhem that occurred yesterday, progressives still aren’t happy.

Shock! Do You Want Fries With That?
—Super sized liturgies now come with fries!

Liar: Yale Abortion Story a Hoax
—Disgusting hoax is supposed to be art?

Dems Strip “Objectionable Language” about Pope
—Now if we could only remove those objectionable members of congress.

Liturgical Music – New Amazon Flavor!
—Raymond Arroyo puts a fine point on the embarrassing music at the papal liturgy.