How dumb do these guys think we are?

In the face of overwhelming evidence that the earth is not only Not warming, it may even be cooling, “scientists” (and we use this term loosely) are now telling us that even if it gets colder for the next 10 years, it is really getting warmer.

[Bloomberg] Parts of North America and Europe may cool naturally over the next decade, as shifting ocean currents temporarily blunt the global-warming effect caused by mankind, Germany’s Leibniz Institute of Marine Sciences said.

Average temperatures in areas such as California and France may drop over the next 10 years, influenced by colder flows in the North Atlantic, said a report today by the institution based in Kiel, Germany. Temperatures worldwide may stabilize in the period.

The study was based on sea-surface temperatures of currents that move heat around the world, and vary from decade to decade. This regional cooling effect may temporarily neutralize the long- term warming phenomenon caused by heat-trapping greenhouse gases building up around the earth, said Richard Wood, a research scientist at the Met Office Hadley Centre, a U.K. provider of environmental and weather-related services.

“Those natural climate variations could be stronger than the global-warming trend over the next 10-year period,” Wood said in an interview. ``Without knowing that, you might erroneously think there’s no global warming going on.

Heaven forbid that we pay attention to the facts rather than these scientific chicken littles. To them global warming just has to be there, has to! So even though other scientists who attribute the recent warming trend to solar activity accurately predicted this cooling period, we should all stick our heads in the sand for then next 10 years. If these “scientists” are lucky the will have one warmer year in the next decade and they will all scream in unison “Ah hah! See, we told you!”

How dumb do these people think that we are. Natural climate variations can may the climate cool, but it can’t make the climate warm. I don’t know about you, but this is all beginning to get a little tiresome. I really cannot stomach the idea that for the next decade as we all walk around wearing sweaters we will have to live with higher fuel prices, higher food prices, starving peoples, and economic mayhem because of policies based on this nonsense.