A recent poll carried out in nine countries — the United States, Britain, Germany, France, the Netherlands, Russia, Italy, Spain and Poland showed that Americans are among the most literate when it comes to Bible knowledge. That seems like good news. Unfortunately this is like having the best eyesight among a roomful of blind people.

[Reuters]The international poll, conducted by Eurisko for the Catholic Biblical Federation, showed that in Italy only 14 per cent of those questioned were able to answer a series of questions about the Bible correctly. They included whether Moses or St Paul featured in the Old Testament, whether Jesus had written any of the Gospels, and whether the Gospels form part of the Bible. Another question which defeated most Italians was: which of the following – Luke, John, Peter and Paul – wrote the Gospels?

Only 14% of Italians could answer those questions. How sad. The Americans did better, but not much. Americans were able to answer the questions correctly 17% of the time. The Poles topped the list at 20%. The Russians took the bottom ranking. In fairness though, 70 years of mandated atheism will do that to you. Not so for the Italians, Spaniards, and the French. They can blame their smug self-imposed secularism for their collective ignorance.

But this survey is not all downside. Not coincidentally, the countries with the lowest rankings in the survey are also the same countries un-breeding themselves out of existence with dramatically less than replacement level birth rates. So the numbers should be going up real soon. In this case, ignorance of the Word is literally death. Just few more years and natural selection will do for religion what the crusades could not.

If this society of suicidal socialists actually read the bible, they would know that is who it is that inherits the earth(Matthew 5:5). Cliff Notes version, it is not you.