A Blogalypse Now
—Is this the end of the blogosphere?

McCain Makes Fun of “The One”
—Some people just ask to be made fun of…

Conservative and Catholic Blogs Beware!
Update: Many blogs reporting being shut down.

Catholic Bloggers Beware!
—”Blogger” could be censoring anti-Obama blogs.

From Sudan To America To Beijing
—Catholic Missionaries saved life of African child now representing America in the Olympics.

Israel: The Christians Made Us Do It?
—Is trading for fallen comrades a Christian idea?

Sacrilegious Metaphor Alert
—Yoda says “Dumb he is who compares himself to God.”

Teaching Children to Love
—Big families make it easy.

ABC News: Tiniest, Most Fragile of Patients
—In remarkable story, ABC News treats unborn as babies.

What Tradition is Obama Referring To?
—It’s not the hubris. It’s the stupidity, stupid.

Stuff You Should Read
And other stuff.

Today’s Priestess
—Fashion catalog for the 21st Century WomynPriest!

Why Pro-Lifers Will Win
—A few reasons pro-lifers will win…eventually.

Obama Has Received His Reward
—Obama prays so others might see him by leaking them to the press.