In all the mayhem of the past week of Catholopolitical blogging, we wanted to take a moment to remark upon some CMR milestones and share a kind mail.

First, some milestones. We here at CMR are coming up on our 2000th post since our inception in April of 2007. Who knew that a couple of guys could have so much to say when they know so little? As surprising as our absurd verbosity is how many people come over to CMR each day to join in the frivolity. During the month of August, more people visited our little den of inanity than ever before and certainly more than we ever expected. We are so very grateful for the support we have received from all quarters. A number of people have written very nice emails to us encouraging us to keep up with our particular brand of brainless blogging. This mail came to us yesterday:

Dear CMR,

Thank you so much for your blog. I want to comment on about every story you guys have by just saying “Right on!” or something along those lines. But the volume of the praise and the passion with which I mean it don’t do it justice. Thank you for your orthodox, humorous and common sense posts.

Well here is one in Lincoln, NE singing your praises and letting others on to your site.

Leaving aside the writer’s obvious bad taste, we are very grateful for his mail and the kind letters sent to us by others. It really means a lot to us that some people enjoy what we do. We have no illusions that we are changing the world or even our little corner of the Catholic blogosphere. But if every once in a while we can make you chuckle, we will have done our job.

Thanks for coming over and reading, commenting, and sharing. We appreciate it and we hope you are having as much fun as we are.

Patrick & Matthew