Great New Video on the Nashville Dominican Sisters
—A surprisingly positive story on the Nashville Dominican Sisters.

Novak: “My Brain Tumor”
—Catholic convert Robert Novak talks about unanticipated friends and how his faith has helped him.

“…and they broke me.”
—The most suprising and memorable line of this campaign season.

Postmodern Politics
—A headless Puma, a guy in a sweater vest, and a mother walk into a zoo…

Robert Davi: Pro-life Profiler
—Pro-life actor does voice over work for John McCain.

Hear Scott Hahn and Jeff Cavins in One Place
—Everything you wanted to know about how Catholic worship grows from the revelations of scripture itself but were afraid to ask.

The Media Handled Chelsea and Bristol Very Differently
—One family was off limits and it’s open season on the other.

The Lady and Recant
—The Old Gray Lady ain’t where she used to be.

A Star Is Born/Homerun Whatever. It was Great
—Sarah Palin takes her case right to the people.

Mayhem, Milestones, and Mail
—A moment to stop and say thanks.

That’s It! I’m Fed Up! Disgusted! Angry! Steamed!
—Media asks if Sarah Palin’s a bad mother. Seriously.

Ordinary Miraculous Day
—How I lost my faith at 8 years old and gained it back every day since.

What’s It All About?
—The cause of Rapid Onset Palin Derangement Syndrome.