First Graders’ Gay Marriage Field Trip
—I have to wonder what the permission slip said on this one.

An Acorn Election Day!
—Bring out your dead!

Considering Who To Vote For? Read This!
—Palin talks about real hope and change.

Without A Pope: Orthodoxy & Unity
—The Ecumenical Patriarch makes a pitch for Unity within Orthodoxy.

A Gay Marriage Irony
—Recent polls show support for ban on gay marriage. Thanks to Obama?

Racism is the New Hitler
—Unfounded accusations of racism are on the increase this election cycle. How long until we tune them out?

Incredible Video: First 24 Hours Of Life
—Incredible video lets us see the beginning of life!

Creative Minority Reader

New Face Of Terrorism?
—Terrorists in ugly pantsuits. Be afraid, be very afraid!

What? Too Close?
—Newsweek shows its bias against Sarah Palin by getting up close and personal. Way up close.

What’s Up With the Polls?
—Are more Democrats being polled than Republicans? The answer might surprise you.

Save the Straw Men!
—Straw men, created and knocked down at record rates this election season. Finally, they stand up.