The LILEKS Gallery has many very funny things to look at, including old advertisments, catalogs and one of my favorites, the gallery of Interior Desecration. Maybe its just my warped sense of humor, but after giving thanks and eating too much pie, I recommend taking a spin here to the Gallery of Regrettable Food. It really makes you wonder what they were thinking back in the age of yore, as evidenced in the “Bran-Plus for Minus People” catalog from the 1930s promoting the value of dietary fiber, or the “Cooking With 7-Up” gallery (7-Up with milk for your kids?) Many of the comments are tears-down-the-face funny (and just as a warning, some of them are also a bit “R” rated). This site will keep you laughing for a long time. Here’s a page to get you started from “More Fun With Coffee.”