In what may be a first (if not a first, surely a rarity) a father and son, are both Catholic priests serving in the same Diocese. Making the story more interesting is that Father Dominic Cosslett(36) and his father Father Ron Cosslett(70) are both converts from the Anglican Church.

This is an interesting story and I encourage you to read the whole thing, but one part struck me as funny and I want to share it with you. Fr. Dominic, obviously trying to be very polite and not insult anyone employs an elegant euphemism for theological anarchy currently running rampant in the Anglican Church.

“I realised my own journey was to seek unity with Rome. Balanced with that was the awareness that the Anglican Church was going in a very different direction with various decisions it was making. I just felt I could not agree with those decisions. It comes down to authority. As an Anglican, it was sometimes very difficult. One parish might believe one thing. Another might believe something else.

“There is an incredible rainbow of thought in the Anglican Church. Perhaps I was looking more for a central authority of teaching that the Catholic Church has. It was something I had always been looking for.”

Father is being kind but I cannot help but wonder, what is it about rainbows?

The Hippies loved their rainbows. The homosexual lobby has used rainbow as its symbol. The leader of of the perpetually aggrieved, Jesse Jackson, had the Rainbow coalition. And of course the MuuMuu Militia loves rainbow colors on their bathrobes turned vestments. For a laugh out loud send up of the rainbow clad priestesses and their love of rainbows read this post. And now the rainbow symbolizes the complete loss of the faith (masquerading as diversity of thought) among the Anglican/Episcopalian hierarchy.

I am sure that I am not the only one who sees the irony that the rainbow has come to symbolize the very decadence of thought and deed that prompted the deluge that almost wiped us out. The symbol of God’s covenant with mankind is twisted to mock his patience with us. That never ends well.