Over the past tow years I have written many times about Bishop Richard Williamson of the SSPX. I have expended many words and used up many pixels on many screens voicing my concern and dismay over his actions. Most of these words were a terrible waste. I know this because Fr. Ray Blake was able to sum up the whole sorry situation with Williamson more brilliantly in one paragraph than I have in all my ramblings. After describing the general situation with a possible reconciliation with the SSPX Fr. Blake says:

What concerns me is the occasionally brilliant but often loony Bishop Williamson. He is an Englishman, received into the Church in 1971, immediately sought to join the London Oratory, after a few days he was asked to leave. He then went to the SSPX seminary at Econe, was ordained priest in 1976 and has spent the rest of his life denying the holocaust and denouncing the Sound of Music, inventing conspiracy theories, slagging off the Pope and appearing on Youtube. I suspect this man, who has increasingly been pedalling a sede vacantist position, will end up leading the rump of the SSPX into a complete break with Rome.

In a NUTshell. I ought to have my blogging license revoked for a deplorable lack of pith. Fr. Blake has fortunately taken care of it for me.