Just hours after the Government takeover, GM announces new models.

Requires oil but has no place to put it.

GM FannieMae
Works fine when going up hill but falls apart when going down hill.

GM Barney Frank
Conversely only works when going down.

GMC Bailout
Won’t get you more than a few miles but a gov’t tow truck will pick you up and send the bill to your rich neighbor.

GM Pelosi
Crazy looking headlights that distort everything you see.

GM Stimulus
Actually this is not a new model. They just took your neighbors car and gave it to you.

GM Healthcare Allows for no customization and you have to wait two years to get it. When it finally arrives, it doesn’t work. (Produced in Canada & UK and imported into the US)

And a special bonus as per CEO Obama’s mandate all GM vehicles will now be equipped with a standard feature that in the event a foreign car cuts you off and almost kills you and you hit the horn, your car automatically apologizes to the foreign car.

Enjoy The Ride!